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Our capable Learning Management System (LMS) is ready to help you start your e-learning journey! Documentation, reporting, assessment, examination and delivery of a variety of courses taught via live feed. Individual or organization, grant us the opportunity to manage your online learning experience.


We currently offer our individual and business clients the flexibility of learning from the own home or work desk. With the help of e-learning and the global network, our reach has extended to all corners of the world, connecting our experts internationally with our clients locally, and vice-versa. The possibilities are unlimited and endless, the learning experience; equally rich.


It is through online monitoring that benchmarking statistics can be used to detail the level of knowledge gained, and level of performance likely to increase due to improvements in learning and revision. The online monitoring system includes the ability for students to privately login to an online LMS in which they will presented will all relevant materials, and a quiz following each stage of the course to benchmark understanding and performance.


Whether it’s a face-to-face conversation or a professionally written e-mail exchange, this course will help develop the fluency, accuracy and English proficiency in core skill areas such as reading, writing, speaking and listening. In addition to improving interpersonal and presentation skills this course also focuses on perfecting professional and technical writing techniques that will enable members to communicate in business meetings, give presentations, negotiate, and express themselves in a confident and assertive manner.



Connect with your own personal English language coach during your free time. Let them guide you daily on how to best approach and learn the English language. There is no form of learning like daily practice, and with our 1-on-1 English Coaching course, with a duration of 22 hours of 1-hour daily session, our expert first language English speakers from the USA, UK and Canada will mentor you to fluency in Oil & Gas terminology, and give you the confidence boost you seek.



Recruiters and hiring managers want both hard and soft skills in their new hires. To find out which ones will help your resume stand out, review the job description for keywords you can incorporate into your resume and cover letter. With a range of over 90 Soft Skills courses, ranging from teamwork and team-building, to administration and leadership, as well as new-hire orientation packages, POITC aims to provide you the perfect supplement to your core skills.